Tell us about your service
  • We raised the level of home service

    Company conduct customer satisfaction survey after each service. Our score is 9.3/10 in last 6 months.

  • Spark is eco-friendly company

    Water is becoming a precious commodity. We need to save it. We use almost no water in our cleaning process. Also, Spark uses only bio-degradable organic products.

  • Care about the community

    Spark Home Services participates in community development programs also give discounts to services done through HOAs.

  • Employee Relationships

    Our employees and contractors are highest paid in the industry. They are properly trained in their trade and techniques. That leads to high quality of service to our customers. Don't believe, just ask them if they like to work for the company.

  • We are modern

    Does being long in the business necessarily mean better service? we use latest technology in product development, service tracking and customer management. It helps us to keep the cost low and provide high quality service at lower price.

  • Promotion

    •Each month one customer gets free window cleaning for whole house

    • $ 25 discount on next service for each referral

    • All Customers will be entered for many end of the year prizes, including one 3 day paid vacation in one of the resorts in Texas.


Why should anyone use water for window cleaning? Hard water leaves stains and streaks on your windows. Our organic polymers extract such dirt from the glass. Remember, glass is porous. Overtime dirt goes inside the glass to create permanent damage if not extracted beforehand. Therefore, we highly recommend window cleaning at least 2 - 3 times a year. Although it is some what time consuming our way, which is the best way, to clean windows is to spray thoroughly and clean using micro fiber towels. We use our own in house organic cleaners and only the best quality micro fiber towels.


Lawn And Landscape Services

Good looking lawn and landscaping will add pleasing aesthetics and value to your property. Our services will provide your home with a premium look.

Carpet Cleaning

We use steam and organic compounds to remove stains and decontaminate the carpet. Our process will extend the life of your carpet as well as make regular cleaning easier.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is very important and probably the most neglected part of property maintenance. A blocked gutter may create seepage through the walls and damage the house very badly.