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About Us

We are a growing company which has helped thousands of customers with high quality home services. Every member from the service provider, account executive, office staff and management team follows the same core values: honestly, integrity, compassion and ownership. We take great pride in the services we offer and will always strive to exceed every client's expectation. We are still growing, expanding and achieving more as we excel.

Our Consumer

Spark home services provides a varity of services that assist clients in everyday living, luxury home maintenance, and as a mediator for specialized service needs. Consumers ranging from home owners, business owners, realtors, property managers and even renters take advantage of the wide range of services custom tailored to enhance simplicity and efficient service delivery for our clients.

Our Goal

Spark home services strives daily to build value for every client we interact with. To build relationships and be considered a reliable service provider in the industry. We want to be the customers first thought to get a service provided by and the last thought of why they will always use spark home services as a service provider.
Service & Quality Growth from company to customer.