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Blind Cleaning

Service Includes: Interior Blinds Dusting, Scrubbing, and wiping don to dry finish.

Blinds are one of the most overlooked items in a home. They provide privacy and help keep us cool and healthy. Dust particles build up and coat the blades leaving the blinds dull and unappealing. Our blind cleaning consists of a three step process that starts by removing light surface dust with a 3 arm microfiber blind cleaner. Any stains on the blinds are removed using the surface prep sponge and a final wipe down leaves the blinds in a completely renewed and like new appearance.

Helpful Terms

Outside Mount refers to mounting your window shade or window blind outside the window frame.
Vertical Blinds are almost always outside mounted, and the methodology is very similar to that of the horizontal blinds. The vertical blinds are mounted by attaching the brackets to the wall outside of the frame, and then sliding the vertical blind into the brackets. Vertical blinds are great for sliding glass doors, making them somewhat bigger than standard window blinds, and often requiring at least 1 additional center support bracket.
Aluminum Blinds (mini blinds, macro blinds, micro blinds) - Horizontal aluminum blinds are comprised of aluminum slates from 0.4 to 0.9 gauge aluminum. They create a sleek modern look at a low expense with clean lines and colors.
Cloth Tapes - Cotton tapes from 1" to 2-1/2" wide that extend down the length of blind. Replace standard braided ladder used to hold slates together.
Controls - Mechanisms that operate blind. Controls are used to raise, lower, and tilt the blind. Controls can be a wand or a cord. Special control mechanisms are available on blinds such as continuous cord loops.
Honeycomb Shade (cellular shade) - Fabric shade resembling a pleated shade, but comprised of diamond shaped cells between the front and back sections of fabric.
Faux Wood Blinds (alternative wood, wood alloy) - Horizontal blinds that mimic wood blinds. Made from a variety of plastics and composite materials. Great alternative to wood blinds
Valance - A finishin touch that runs across the top of the window. it can be either a short drape of fabric or a facing of wood or metal. The english often refer to a fabric valance as a pelmet.
Venetian Blind - The classic design of aluminum, plastic, or wooden slats joined by braided ladders and operated by cords.
Vertical Blinds - Blind in which slates or fabric run vertical. Very popular window covering most often used for large windows or sliding glass doors.