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Exterior Window Detail

Service Includes: Screens, Tracks, Frame, Sills, Glass.

Your windows are the focal point of your home and in order to keep them shining year around, Spark Home Services provides a detailed cleaning that covers all items in meticulous detail. Every exterior window service includes cleaning: Screens, Traks, Frame, Seals, Glass and Removing and installing the screens back to the window.

Helpful Terms

Double Hung- A type of window with two vertically moving sashes, with each sash employing balances.
Pane- a lite of glass
Picture Window- Fixed window consists of only frame and glass
Sill- The threshold or lowest horizontal member of the frame of a window or door.
Window- An opening constructed in a wall or roof and functioning to admit light or air to an enclosure, usually framed and spanned with glass mounted to permit opening and closing.