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Interior Window Detail

Service Includes: Tracks, Frame, Sills, Glass.

Our interior window details includes through cleaning of: glass, seals, tracks, frame, and bases. interior windows are common ground for dust build up and are easily overlooked. Our window details includes the surface and its parts of the window tracks as well. The window is lifted and the its track is cleaned using the groove cleaning tools and brushes.

Helpful Terms

Double Hung- A type of window with two vertically moving sashes, with each sash employing balances.
Pane- a lite of glass
Picture Window- Non- Operating window consists of only frame and glass
Sill- The threshold or lowest horizontal member of the frame of a window or door.
Window- An opening constructed in a wall or roof and functioning to admit light or air to an enclosure, usually framed and spanned with glass mounted to permit opening and closing.