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Why Us

Spark home services unique scheduling process makes requesting service extremely easy. You can request quotes by simply taking images of the service property, confirm the price and service date all from your smartphone. Not only is scheduling made easy, you will always receive up front pricing, email confirmations, reminders for your appointment and complete accommodation for your specific schedule. Each service is protected by complete insurance coverage to give you complete peace of mind. A dedicated account executive assigned to you, so you never have to hold or be "transferred to the right person". Each service is designed to provide you the highest return on your most valued investment. Our staff will always be ready to assist you in any concern you have.

Our Service and Team

We know how important it is to know the included parts of each service. To ensure we are as transparent as possible, we outline each service step for our client and provide detailed information on the process. We use top of the line products & cleaning tools manufactured in the United States to deliver high quality results.
We provide service's using our own cleaning agents, detailed cleaning techniques and consist of several steps. Every service provider is trained with decades of experience. Training includes in the field experience, knowledge aptitude testing, and dedicated customer service training.

Simple Living

We know how hard it is to fit things to into a busy schedule, keeping our customers in mind we offer for our customer to get the service to them. Snap, send, schedule. You take a picture of the items that need of service, text or email to it us and we provide you with the pricing and a scheduled confirmation of a preferred date approved.
As technology is improving we make communication fast and covenient. Over the years all company credentials including: license, bonding and insurance policy before a service provider steps on to your property.

Over The Years

Spark home services wants to expand as a leading home service provider based on quality of work and provide each valued customer a satisfaction beyound their expectation. a company that is confident in their work & ethics earns a good revenue and generates it in expanding more. From our window cleaning to professional power washing we want to provide more value, quality and grow with our loyal customers to service their needs.
Quality service & quality Growth from customer to company.